Teeth Cleanings and Maintenance

Teeth Cleanings and Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy smile is through proper brushing and flossing and regular professional maintenance. Scheduling two professional cleanings with Dr. White each year is a simple way to keep teeth free of tarter and plaque and allows us to do a quick inspection of your teeth and gums to look for the early onset of any issues you may have. Along with regularly scheduled checkups and professional cleanings by your family dentist, the best way to maintain a healthy smile is through proper brushing and flossing.

Proper Brushing Saves Teeth
Dr. White’s family dentist staff will instruct you on how to correctly brush your teeth to prevent tooth decay. During regular checkups, Dr. White, a family dentist, will also let you know what teeth your toothbrush may not be reaching and recommend the proper technique and or toothbrush to help make brushing more productive. From toddlers to seniors, Dr. White, your family dentist, can help you maintain your teeth.

Know Your Family’s Dental History
Does gum disease run in your family? There’s a strong genetic predisposition for gum disease and this information can help your family dentist with your teeth cleanings and overall care.

Professional Teeth Cleaning Prevents Tooth Loss
Regular teeth cleanings remove the buildup of plaque and tartar. This buildup is for the most part natural, but too much buildup leads to gum disease. The reason tartar needs to be removed is because your body sees it as a foreign invader. As with any other foreign invader, like a flu bug or an infection, your body “sends in the troops” using the immune system to fight off the infection. Teeth cleanings twice a year level the playing field by keeping tartar and plaque buildup at a minimum.

Gum Disease Can Impact Your Overall Health
Gum disease is when your body’s immune system is responding to this tartar buildup with inflamed and bleeding gums. As gum disease progresses, so does the destruction to your bone and tissues in your mouth. Your immune system is meant only to fight off infection for a short period of time — chronic activation of the immune system means it can get worn out and it won’t be as strong to fight off an illness. Chronic activation of the immune system can lead to diseases in the rest of your body.

That’s why it’s important to schedule two professional cleanings annually with your family dentist. Two visits with Dr. White and each year allows your family dentist team to do a thorough inspection of your teeth and gums and search for the early onset of any issues you may have. Contact Dr. White, your family dentist, today to schedule a checkup!



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